10 Great Tips to Build Mobile Apps for Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

The ever increasing number of mobile devices have made the world more app-friendly. As a result, today a large number of businesses are reaping generous proceeds by tapping new markets and generating awareness by jumping on the mobile bandwagon.

However, this doesn’t mean that business owners can throw in any app and expect it to be found online. They need to have a solid mobile application development plan that can give them more downloads and guarantee positive feedback and comments.

Though, devising a solid app development plan requires a lot of research, time and money, but we have saved businesses from this hassle by providing 10 great tips that will allow small medium enterprises (SMEs) to build great apps.

10 Great Tips to Build Mobile Apps for Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

Tip 1# Determine Why You Want to Create an App

What is the purpose of creating this app? Does it offer any solution? Or do you want to use it to serve a specific niche? It is extremely vital for small businesses to answer all these questions. Why? Because without specifying the purpose of your app you can never really motivate mobile users to download your app.

More importantly, people prefers to use apps that have a purpose. For instance, they like to use apps which offers information, improves productivity, gives directions, allow to communicate with others, etc. Also, you can take your competitor’s app into account in order to determine how you can build a better app.

Tip 2# Define Your Target Audience

Once a business manages to decode the purpose of creating an app, it becomes lot easier for the corporation to define its target market or audience. Defining target market is crucial for small businesses because it empowers them to efficiently compete with large conglomerates.

Decoding of target market enable business owners to spend their marketing budget on the audience that are more likely to buy their product or services. This will not only help save companies lot of cash and time, but also make it easy for them to determine which type of app they really need to develop.

Customer feedbacks and public surveys are two other ways to know your target audience. Retailers can also use these tools to gauge which mobile platform resonates with them. All these factors will allow for a solid mobile app development strategy.

Tip 3# Design for Tomorrow

When it comes to designing an app, it is essential that business managers must focus on creating something that doesn’t fade away with the time. It should be designed for tomorrow.

Even if something seems impossible today, it would be attainable in the future because software always pushes hardware to draw closer.

For instance, when decision makers first decided to adopt speed radar for mobile device, capability wasn’t available to them, but they knew it would be there in the future.

Tip 4# Keep it Simple and Unique

Designing for future doesn’t mean that business should make a complex app. In fact, they must ensure the app has a simple design, delivers seamless experience every time and is extremely user-friendly.

The emphasis should be on making the app more powerful and fast than the others.

It will bring that uniqueness which will segregate your app from the rest, as consumers not only prefer, but also clearly appreciate and understand this difference.

Tip 5# Make it Social Media-Friendly

Social media is the place where your consumers hangout and discuss brands now. By excluding it from your mobile app development strategy, you are missing out on a big opportunity to boost your sales as well as reach.

Experts at Karzansoft therefore, recommend their clients to create social media-friendly apps, so they can increase their brand engagement by incorporating real-time interaction in the app. This could include live streams of Twitter or Facebook.

Business can also create apps that allow their fan base to create real community, where they can build strong preachers of the brand and spread the word about their quality products and services.

Tip 6# Offer Mobile Payment Solution

Mobile payment solution is the next big thing. If you are allowing your customers to pay via their smartphones, it means you are giving your competitors a good run for their money. Simply because the promotion of mobile payment solution will make your customers feel you are innovative and likes to stay ahead of others.

Intuit GoPayment and Sqaure are two prime examples of mobile payment solutions. Companies can check out these solutions to develop an understanding of how a payment system works and whether it’s the right option for them.

Tip 7# Create Apps for Various Platforms

In order to widen their reach, enterprises must develop apps for various platforms. Sticking with just one platform won’t improve their revenue. Given that each platform has its own advantages and disadvantages.

For instance, Android has captured huge base of mobile users, but when it comes to the US and few other states iOS is leading the charts. Hence, if your mobile app is not available on various platforms, you’ll never be able to grow your customer base.

Tip 8# Test the App

Do not make any assumptions about your app that it’s going to be a huge hit or users will love it just because you believe so. Remember, you can never bring a valuable proposition to the table unless you’ve successfully tested it.

So carefully test the app and fix all the glitches before you launch it because if users face any problems it will severely hurt your company’s repute.

Tip 9# Price it Smartly

One of the key factors to keep in view when launching an app is its price. You can never have a successful app if it doesn’t have a right price.

Though free app may sound good to many, but for businesses it doesn’t work because they have to bear certain cost on the development and maintenance of the app.

A good app investment is one that can be recovered between one to two years.

Tip 10# Devise a Promotion Strategy

No app can make it big without a successful promotion plan. This makes app promotion strategy an integral part of app development plan. Businesses can devise successful promotion strategies by considering the industry they are in and their target audience.

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