5 Best Tools to Build Prototype of Mobile Apps

Prototyping mobile applications has always remained a daunting task for designers and developers. From producing hundreds of lines of JavaScript code to dealing with unimpressive interfaces, developers have to deal with numerous challenges when it comes to crafting mobile apps at professional level.

But with the advent of tools for prototyping mobile apps, this suffering has finally come to an end.

The impressive tools helped developers get rid of JavaScript coding as well as tweaking uninspiring app interfaces and more. Therefore, it certainly make sense to leverage these tools and build intriguing prototypes of mobile apps since they aid you achieve your goal by pulling off an excellent job, over and over again.

5 Best Tools to Build Prototype of Mobile Apps

Here is a list of some of the best tools to build prototypes of mobile applications for passionate developers and designers, who take great delight in prototyping apps every so often.

  1. InVision

Looking for one-of-a-kind prototyping platform?

InVision is that tool which will give you the liberty to design with freedom, as unlike passive prototyping tools it comes with additional features. To put it in plain words, InVision has the capability to integrate with programs like Photoshop and Sketch. This means not only you’ll be able to design a smashing prototype with ease, but it will also have the closest possible semblance with the end product that you’ve imagined.

Furthermore, you can use InVision to test the UX to make it tidy, and share the sight of your unfinished product with anyone you like. The best part is the prototyping platform is available to developers and designers free of charge. Also, you’ll be please to know that some of leading brands like Adobe, LinkedIn and more have trusted InVision when it comes to building the prototypes of apps.

  1. HotGloo

The advanced wireframe of HotGloo is what separates this prototyping platform from the rest. The unique tool has made a mark for itself by proffering an easy to use editor that has wealth of features. Getting started with HotGloo therefore is not an issue. The extensive wireframe widget library further increases its value. The huge collection can support numerous projects by allowing users to start in no time.

Moreover, you can add your colleagues in order to work together and develop a responsive prototype. Additionally, you can save the project in different versions and share its preview link with clients.

  1. AppMachine

AppMachine is exactly what you need to meet your goals, when looking to develop a web or native app. It has all the means you need to build a perfect prototype. For instance, the 35 pre-coded blocks at hand cart off all the barricades: import data, go online, and use CustomJS to add more codes and features. Last but certainly not the least, developers have to pay for leveraging this resource only when they are publishing the app on stores.

  1. Proto.io

Proto.io is another interesting tool developers have been using for years now. But the latest version of the prototyping solution boasts a novel feature that has put it ahead of the similar tools. The new feature give users the realistic view of prototypes for native Android and iOS apps. In essence, Proto.io allow users to test their app prototypes, swiftly make changes in it and view it in almost a real mobile application form. Other prototyping platforms would allow users to do so, but only on mobile browser and that too with its interface getting in the way.

Ease of using Proto.io’s tools makes it even more endearing. As it doesn’t require you to be an expert Photoshop designer to build great prototypes with this tool. You’ll have the luxury to drag-and-drop numerous elements on the screen, add images, text, buttons and links to additional screens. In case, you are looking to gain more control over the design, you’ll have the option to tailor your prototype as per your need. For instance, there are tools in Proto.io which you can use to create custom animations and add a personal touch.

And that’s not all, Proto.io also guide users through the creation of their app prototype. This makes it an ideal solution for those who are not familiar with the platform or have limited knowledge of prototyping. Above all, Proto.io has both free and paid plans. You can use the free version for 15 days to decide whether the service is worth to pay for or not.

  1. DRONA Mobile

If you are looking for something pretty simple, then DRONA Mobile is what you need. It is precisely designed to cater non-technical users who are looking to build apps for their companies. The simplicity of DRONA Mobile can be judged from the fact that anyone can use this platform to achieve their purpose in a matter of few minutes. All you need to do is follow three easy steps:

  1. Select layout
  2. Import data
  3. Publish app

Yes! That’s all you need to do before inviting other users to use your app.

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