Top 3 Mobile App Development Predictions for 2016

Mobile applications have become a predominant part of our lives. Be it shopping, doing business, hiring cab or entertainment, mobile apps have brought nearly everything in our palm. A research by The Nielson Company shows, 68 percent of iOS and 60 percent of Android app down-loaders reported using applications on their mobile devices several times a day.

Top 3 Mobile App Development Predictions for 2016

The report clearly signifies that by no means this trend is coming to an end. In fact, it is only likely to increase in 2016 and beyond as a comScore study found that nearly one-third of the electronic commerce sales originated through mobile devices, of which majority are in-app sales.

On the other hand, a BI Intelligence research found that purchases made through mobile devices surged by 48 percent every year and were reported to be around $8 billion in the first half of 2014. Google is also paving the way for apps by changing its search algorithms and penalizing websites that are unable to support mobile devices.
Considering these facts, it is obvious that mobile apps are on the rise and they are certainly not limited to retail landscape. Thus, it goes without saying that businesses must adapt the new platform and acquaint themselves with the latest trends in the mobile app development well in advance. Else, it won’t be easy for them to beat their competition.

Prediction 1# App Security to Remain Prime Focus

A Gartner report predicted earlier that more than 75 percent of apps will even fail to meet basic security measures during 2015. This prediction came true as app security remained the number one issue for developers throughout this year. And, the way things are developing it is very likely to remain in prime focus through 2016 as well.
We all know that iOS platform is renowned for its high-end security features and developers have to strive hard to ensure their applications can run smoothly and securely on this platform. Android, on the other hand, isn’t that strict in this regard, but now Google has also beefed up the security measures of its latest version of mobile OS (Android 6.0 Marshmallow).

So if you want to see your app on these stores, then there is no way you can ignore security glitches in your mobile applications. Why? Because if these platforms doesn’t implement strict security protocols, sensitive and personal information of users like SSN and bank details can get hacked or leaked.
To avoid such an annoyance in 2016, it is critical for you to meet the security benchmarks of these platforms by fixing all the security gaps in your app.

Prediction 2# Enterprise Apps to Touch New Highs

Both Apple App Store and Google Play Store boasts more than one million apps, but among all these applications, enterprise apps are the ones that are gaining more traction. Leaving consumer applications way behind. One major reason behind this attraction is monetary benefit.

According to a study, 43 percent of enterprise app developers are earning more than $10k a month, while only 19 percent of consumer app developers make such amount. It is why, nearly 20 percent of developers across the globe are creating apps for enterprises alone.

Besides developers love, enterprise apps are gaining high traction because a lot of business executives are in favor of investing in these apps. A report projected that over 60 percent of the decision makers and budget controllers in companies expect to invest in applications that boosts employees’ productivity.

Research shows that global enterprises which uses these solutions for their employees are 50 percent more likely to have happy workforce, and 40 percent more likely to see increase in customer satisfaction.

Financial service providers, travel agencies and insurance companies are some of the fore runners when it comes to developing such mobile apps for their employees. Other aggressive adopters of mobile include e-retailers, hotels, airlines, etc. This denotes that enterprise apps are well on their way to touch new highs in 2016.

Prediction 3# Cloud-Based Apps to Prevail

Andrew Spender, a Gartner contributor, wrote at the start of 2015 that “The convergence of cloud and mobile computing will continue to promote the growth of centrally coordinated applications that can be delivered to any device.” At the same time, Gartner predicted that in the following two years, mobile market and the cloud will keep on intersecting one another.

The reason Gartner and other experts are making this claim is that cloud-support offers numerous benefits. For instance, developers can use it to retain the actual size of apps small, which enables them to manage bandwidth or prospective memory issues. Furthermore, cloud compatibility allows people to synchronize their apps with several different smart devices.

Moreover, cross functionality between Android and PCs is on the rise and iOS and OS X platforms are also on the same track, which further enhances the importance of cloud-based apps. The emergence of wearable devices have further augmented the standing of cloud.

Although Google Glass has failed to create a strong impact on the users, but smartwatches like Apple Watch, Samsung Gear and others are successfully gaining people’s attention. Apple already offers more than 10,000 apps to its smartwatch users. This number is expected to grow by three times until the end of 2016.

This indicates that WatchKit developers have a lot at hand and the trend to make app extensions for smartwatches will only continue to rise.

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