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Veam – Smart Virtual Team Solution

Are you struggling to get the right talent for your next big project? Are you planning to diversify your software development team? If yes, then you have come to the right place. Karzansoft’s Veam is a reliable virtual teams engagement, which will help you deploy talented and cost effective teams.


Veam Value Addition

  • Complimentary Project Management & Support for Every team.
  • Free Project Consultancy.
  • Dedicated Software Developer (Strict One Client Engagement Policy)
  • Scalable & Flexible Engagements (Expand and Shorten your team any time)
  • Technology Migration (E.g. Switch to Android developer to iOS Developer)
  • Engage your team in Multiple Projects at the same time.
  • Fixed cost. (No variable cost or Hidden costs)
  • Visible & Secure (Visibility throughout Project Lifecycle & Complete IP protection)
  • Teams Available on all state of the art technologies.
  • Well Spoken & Talented Software Engineers